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LinkedInLeadPC is a powerful internet marketing tool that will connect you with your targeted audience through LinkedIn. We build LinkedIn Campaigns, provide engaging LinkedIn leads and provide consulting services and weekly reports.

We apply B2B, B2C marketing strategies on your behalf while you can think of your business. We will build your link with the leaders that would have taken you years to get connected personally with, saving your time, effort, money and energy. Don’t bother using traditional advertisements, revolutionize your business using digital marketing with LinkedInLeadPC.

service-icon Let the professionals handle your business targets.

More than 2000 clients from small to big owners havedirectly benefited from LinkedInLeadPC.

LinkedInLeadPC is a well-known name in the marketing field with over twelve years of experience. LinkedInLeadPC connects you to your target market in LinkedIn. With our power tools and the dedicated team getting the right audience to shout out for your business is no more challenging. We provide you with weekly reports and a consulting service which will give you visible results and growth within three months after signing up with LinkedInLeadPC.

The primary objective of LinkedInLeadPC is to make our client visible in every possible way becoming their powerful partner on the internet.

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pacage Basic Package

With our Basic Package you get:

    • A Fully Optimized, Engaging LinkedIn Lead Builder (LI) Profile – Your Online Salesman.
    • Two Hour Consultation
    • Build the Message Scripts with you for Every Scenario we will need - These are done by Professional Content Creators and Storytellers at LinkedInLead Pc To Be Found.
    • Set the Criteria to Build the Perfect Target List for both Your Connection Requests and Messaging
    • Setup of your LinkedInLead Pc Account (10 - 15 hours setup)
    • 100 Connection Requests Per Day (Monday – Friday)
    • Update Your Do Not Message (DNM) List Daily
    • Provide access to on-going Lead Sheets updated on a regular basis
    • Inbox Tidy Up - cleaning out your LinkedIn Inbox on a Daily Basis
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pacage ADD-ONS


    • Video (with Script)
    • Additional Connection Requests
    • Additional Follow up Messages up to 6
    • Messaging Existing Connections
    • Assisted Setting up Calendly for you to Automate Appointments we will provide a smarter URL
    • Profile Viewer Message
    • InMail Messages
    • Gathering data on all the email addresses, phone numbers, and Twitter handles of people in professions you want to directly contact (number varies depending on daily touches).
    • PTBF Posting Daily to LinkedIn and Facebook on your behalf
    • Deluxe Profile Banner
    • A further option to Tidy up Connections based on Criteria discussed with you the Customer – for instance the Removal of Connections of People from a Specific Industry etc.
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Reasons to choose LinkedInLeadPC and LinkedIn

LinkedInLeadPC uses LinkedIn as a primary platform to use B2B marketing strategies. We choose LinkedIn because of the following reasons:

LinkedIn is filled with millions of professionals and corporate individuals working for trade and business which makes it an easy platform to target an audience. This opportunity is well examined and utilized by LinkedInLeadPC.

LinkedIn provides a platform for B2B strategies and in addition can be explored to share ideas, documents, and events. LinkedInLeadPC implements this availability to implement B2B strategies by connecting with different business companies to make their clients stand out on top in the industry.

Some of the best features provided by LinkedIn are Inmail (used for sending and receiving mail to and from any logged in members), Pulse (publisher in LinkedIn which is used to create contents in the profile), Lynda (The learning platform in LinkedIn), Slideshare (The platform to share slides and graphics contents). LinkedInLeadPC has mastered these features and there uses. We use these features where and when necessary so that you will get more leads every week.

LinkedIn has a professional vibe. LinkedInLeadPC has a mastery to create digital professionalism which will make people dig deeper to know about business environment.

Choosing the right marketing channels depends on your goals. LinkedIn is the best choice for anyone who is in the B2B environment and wants to impact people in the corporate world efficiently. These are very strong reasons for you to include LinkedIn marketing in your strategy, so make sure you consider that possibility.

Start getting those LinkedIn leads today and unleash the power of those Glen Gary leads onto your business.

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