How To Use LinkedIn Anonymously

calender-icon How To Use LinkedIn Anonymously

LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for B2B industry based on research data. The effectiveness rate of LinkedIn as social media platform for B2B is 63%, the highest rate than social media platforms such as Twitter ( 55% ), YouTube ( 48% ), SlideShare ( 42% ), Vimeo ( 40% ), Facebook ( 32% ), Pinterest ( 25% ), Instagram (24% ), and Google+ ( 20% ). LinkedIn has 500 million users, and there are 40 million decision makers from those 500 million users. Those influential and decision maker users are the potential target of B2B marketing of many different companies. 97% B2B Marketer uses LinkedIn for their content marketing according to The Content Marketing Institute. LinkedIn responsible for more than 50% traffic to B2B websites or blogs. Based on LinkedIn data, there are about 1.2 billion content impressions every day in LinkedIn feed. Content published on LinkedIn has a high probability of getting attention from decision-makers around the world. 49% of B2B Buyers look for vendors by LinkedIn. It is certainly proven by the statistic data that LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for B2B Industry.

Building social networks by social media take time and much effort. In B2B business, we have to build a relationship first with potential customers before we offer our products or services to the potential customers. We cannot just offer our products or services directly at the first time we are linked to the potential customers on the LinkedIn. We will scare people we found on LinkedIn by doing it. B2B customers rarely buy products or services from perfect strangers, there must be a relationship first before buying products or services. By building a relationship with potential customers we found on LinkedIn, we build trust from the potential customers.

How to use LinkedIn anonymously?
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