How To Use LinkedIn B2B

calender-icon How To Use LinkedIn B2B

LinkedIn – What is it?

I’ve met a few people with various pronunciations of LinkedIn and overheard other conversations as well in the office. Later an entrepreneur I know explained how the word should be pronounced and provided a basic description of the LinkedIn world which is quite extensive these days. In fact, LinkedIn has grown into a widely used and well-like social platform.

I suppose the reason my entrepreneur friend had such LinkedIn knowledge had to be down to his perspective of professionalism. He’s a professional and LinkedIn is a site for professional people. It’s a meeting point for all professional people who are motivated to develop their business and looking for opportunities to discuss projects with like-minded people. Rather like some kind of modern trade event, similar to movers and shakers, where highflying business people meet and pass out a few personal business cards.

B2B and LinkedIn
For anyone concerned about producing social media leads then the time might have arrived for you to take a serious look at what LinkedIn has to offer in terms of B2B Marketing.

LinkedIn’s B2B social network could be the good thing that you are looking for. Some interesting numbers have also been released that should serve as good pointers.
• Traffic to B2B Blogs: Over half the traffic driven to websites and B2B blogs is directed from LinkedIn.
• Social Media to Corporate Websites: 64% of corporate websites hits from social media are generated by LinkedIn.
• Overall Opinion: LinkedIn is now regarded as the most useful tool for leads say 93% of B2B marketers.
LinkedIn is not sitting back and will continue to try and push forward more innovative ideas to keep them at the top of the game.

How to use LinkedIn B2B
Below are 10 steps or pointers related to LinkedIn B2B
• Step 1. Background Checks: Make sure your company page is set up correctly with no mistakes. Makes sure all the company marketing strategies are all lineup, with everyone on the same page and focused. Plus all team players must fully understand LinkedIn’s B2B potential. Keep pushing forward. It might take time for results to kick in
• Step 2. Select Your LinkedIn Key Driver: Carefully decide who your best person is to drive your LinkedIn relationship forward.
• Step 3. Content Plan: Be creative and develop something that is exciting to read.
• Step 4. Tactics: Set the game plays that cover all the marketing plans.
• Step 5. Campaign Manager: Understand all platforms that LinkedIn has to offer which can all be located by the LinkedIn Campaign Manager and use the statistical data
• Step 6. Test Ads: Use LinkedIn’s text ads in the best possible way to promote your business.
• Step 7. Sponsored Content: You will have the option to boost this.
• Step 8. Sponsored In Mail: You will have the ability to send messages that are private.
• Step 9. Dynamic Ads: That will change based on the intended target.
• Step 10. Video Ads: An auto play function with or without sound.

These are just ten bullet points with a brief description for each one. There are a lot more important ideas in how to use LinkedIn B2B that should really play a big part in your LinkedIn B2B marketing plan.