How To Use LinkedIn Groups For Marketing

calender-icon How To Use LinkedIn Groups For Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful online platforms in the world. It enables you to network with professionals that are interested in your industry. One of the most beneficial features of LinkedIn is LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups is a private forum whereby users can gather and discuss a particular topic.

Many companies are finding LinkedIn Groups a valuable resource in marketing their products and services online. The main reason is due to the fact that LinkedIn Groups contains a targeted list of users who are interested in a particular topic. Therefore, if you are selling a particular service and join a group that is relevant to that service, then your business is in a good position to sell to that targeted group and increase company profits.

It’s a match made in heaven and a dream come true right?


Unfortunately it’s not that simple as posting your website link and watch the cash register ring. In order to be truly successful marketing in LinkedIn Groups, there are a few key principles to adhere to:

How to Use LinkedIn Groups for Marketing to Improve Your Exposure

Don’t Spam.

Many businesses make the mistake that if they were to join the right LinkedIn group, all they have to do is post their website link regularly and you’ll get attention and people will buy whatever you’re offering. It doesn’t work that way and pretty soon, you’ll be kicked out or banned from the group. Make sure that when your posting in the group, be mindful of others because no one wants to see 1,000 posts a day promoting your website. We have a service that enables you to find targeted lists and produce content that is relevant to that list. You can find out more by clicking here **.


Give Value.

We live in a world filled with advertisements and commercials pitching products/services. One powerful way to break through this noise is to give value first. When you give value such as sharing valuable content, useful articles or educational content, your trustworthiness increases and people lower their defenses. You build the reputation that you are contributing great value to the group thus trustworthy in doing business together. This is a great method of lead generation for when people consume your content, they are inclined to subscribe to your newsletter or click on the buy now link. Our business currently offers lead generation services ** that will help produce more business revenue.


Be Human.

When you create a LinkedIn Profile, it’s imperative that you project yourself as a human being, not a company. No one feels comfortable talking to a company. Therefore when posting content, avoid saying phrases like “we at xyz company” or “our vision at xyz”. Not only it’s completely cold and impersonal, but it’s also boring and mundane. People like talking to real people and if you’re projecting yourself as a real person, then you’ll be able to market yourself more effectively online.


What’s The Next Step?

There are many great ways in which you can market yourself on LinkedIn Groups. However, trial and error can be a lengthy process. You could spend months, if not years attempting to market yourself in LinkedIn but receive dismal results.


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