How To Use LinkedIn Groups For Your Business

calender-icon How To Use LinkedIn Groups For Your Business

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to build credibility for your business. According to 2016 Marketing Profs content marketing study, 94% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn, compared to 84% for Twitter and 87% for Facebook. On LinkedIn Groups you’ll get free, direct communication with their members, gain influence quickly, and get content in the hands of target personas and audience. These groups are also fantastic feedback channels and their members are powerful problem-solvers. Here are five ways to use LinkedIn Groups to boost your business.

#1 – Join Groups That Meet Your Goals

Identify groups that have members who are influencers or prospective clients in your business. Thereafter, create articles, blog posts, and guides that feature subjects relevant to those groups. This method provides best practices. You can use it to establish your brand as an industry leader and promote your services or products in an organic and a natural way.


#2 – Establish Yourself as an Expert

Establishing yourself as an expert can enable you to build more sprawling networks that will attract people who might be interested in your products or services. You can build their interest, sell your services or products, and establish trust only if you prove that you’re worth it. To position yourself as an expert, make a brilliant profile, join groups, answer questions, make good use of keywords, and be reasonably active.


#3 – Create Your Own LinkedIn Group

Creating your own LinkedIn Group will allow you to build your audience, propagate your brand and gain new members. According to James McDonald, a certified engineer of a LinkedIn group called Industrial Water Treatment, you need to build connections first, check out other groups, think long-term, set sensible rules, focus on both intangible and tangible goals, and focus on quality members, not quantity. The experience will help you create a successful LinkedIn Group.


#4 – Recruit New Hires

With almost one billion members, LinkedIn is one of the important recruiting tools that allows you to post jobs, build your company brand and network with passive candidates. Congenial recruiting isn’t only about posting jobs. You need to build your company brand on LinkedIn and ex-cogitate a LinkedIn recruiter subscription. To build your company brand, write compelling job and company descriptions on the page of your group, center stage employees in status updates, personalize your InMails, and share content that’s relevant to you.


#5 – Involve Your Employees

To amplify the impact of your business, encourage your employees to actively participate in timely dialogue with other LinkedIn users. You also need to provide training on how to utilize LinkedIn, represent the company and network on behalf of the company. When you manage to involve many employees on LinkedIn, you’ll create a phenomenal extended network that builds your business awareness and creates a larger company presence.



To find the best LinkedIn Groups, set your goals, search broad terms that are as specific as possible to what you’re looking for, borrow ideas, stay reasonably active, sift through the results, check out the quality of updates or discussions, and join a few groups that meet your goals. After understanding how to use LinkedIn groups for your business, you can consider starting a group.