How To Use LinkedIn If You Are Unemployed

calender-icon How To Use LinkedIn If You Are Unemployed

Nothing is as frustrating as being in the state of unemployment. This can be one of the most trying periods in one’s life as you do not have a means of making a living and one will be in a constant state of uncertainty. However, technology has really helped in easing the pain and burden associated with this state courtesy of sites that can help one look for potential employers easily. Among these sites is the ever amazing LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a website or rather a social platform where you can meet employers or meet potential employees if you are looking for. Here is how to use LinkedIn if you are unemployed and seeking a job sooner.

1. Connect With Potential Employers
For most LinkedIn users, their main aim of signing up on the platform is to get potential employers who might give them jobs and end their jobless spell. You will find many employers posting jobs or vacancies in their companies. As a job seeker you will try and connect with such employers who have posted the jobs and they will have a view of your uploaded curriculum vitae on your profile. Who knows, you may finally land your dream job if your profile is enticing to the job poster.

2. Update Your Curriculum Vitae
Many job seekers will attach their curriculum vitae on their profiles for potential employers to view and decide if it is a great match for their companies and firms. Once you are on LinkedIn, you will come across a lot of professionally crafted curriculum vitae that will take the attention of an employer. You may borrow a leaf from this profiles and craft yours to make it perfect as well and stand out from the rest.

3. Improve Or Acquire The Most Sorted Skills
One cause of unemployment is lack of the skills needed by employers in their respective companies. One may have the proper experience but lacks a much-needed skill set which the employer may need. You may take a peek at the employers posting jobs and look at the skill that they have put much emphasis on. If for example, a needed skill is in counseling or first aid among many jobs posted, it may be prudent to go and acquire such skills in order to even up the odds you getting such jobs.

4. Connect With Employees
You may also have a great chance of meeting with people already on the job market who will give you insider information on the skills needed in the job market. They may also offer tidbits on the emerging trends in employment hence giving you a hint of how to nail it in order to land your dream job. Also by connecting with them, they may connect you to their employers in case of a job opening.

With most things being done online, job seeking has not been left behind and LinkedIn has really filled that void. The above ways on how to use LinkedIn if you are unemployed are guaranteed to make you get that job that you so need in order to clear up bills and be self-reliant. If you want to know how to use LinkedIn if you are unemployed, start by signing up on LinkedIn and it is a decision you will never regret you did.