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The LinkedIn Lead Extractor is the best LinkedIn lead generation tool on the market today. Though it has many copycats, the Lead Extractor is the best LinkedIn lead extraction tool by a mile. It can be invaluable in terms of saving you time and money. This software allows users to say goodbye to the days of copying LinkedIn leads into Excel Spreadsheets. The Lead Extractor provides easy migration from the software to EXCEL format.

Why LinkedIn is Special

The LinkedIn platform contains an unparalleled source of contact information for professionals, executives, leaders, and decision-makers around the world. Today, LinkedIn has more than 130 million users and is by far the best social media site for lead generation. Its real appeal is the ability it gives its users to perform highly-targeted lead searches, and the Lead Extractor takes this to the next level.

Understanding the Lead Extractor Tool

This software extracts the personal contact information of your prospects, such as their names, their email addresses, their business names, phone numbers, websites, Messenger IDs, careers, locations, profile links, and other pertinent information.
You will need to download the LinkedIn Lead Extractor as it is a desktop application, unlike some of its copycats that are browser add-ons. The most noticeable benefit of this dynamic software tool is how amazingly fast it allows users to extract precious data from LinkedIn. However, faster and more comprehensive extraction rates aren't the only upsides to this tool. The Lead Extractor also has other useful features.

Some of the Cool Features of Lead Extractor

For example, one of the advantages of being a desktop software versus a browser-based add-on is that it provides users with auto-save and recovery. This can be extremely handy in the unexpected case when your computer shuts down or you accidentally close your application. All data is saved as you go and you can recover your file with a single click. LLE also has an Internet failure detector that pauses/resumes automatically, such as when it encounters a weak signal or disconnected router.

Lead Extractor also enables users to get very specific in the targeted customer search with keyword-based searching abilities. It also displays an advanced search feature that allows you to search by keywords, field, location, company, demographics, experience levels, and more. You may also choose to apply a variety of filters for an optimal targeted contact list.

For a better user experience, LLE offers specific LinkedIn page extraction. All you have to do is open your desired profile page, and the software will go to work extracting data only from the LinkedIn page that is currently open. The Lead Extractor also saves your viewed profiles history automatically, so you know which ones you've already viewed.

What it's All About

At the end of the day; LinkedIn Lead Extractor is all about helping its users make more sales. Enabling users to obtain the data they need faster and more efficiently than ever before, this is a must-have tool for anyone who is serious about their LinkedIn lead extraction campaigns. To learn more about Lead Extractor or to ask about our LinkedIn lead generation services, contact LinkedIn Lead PC today.

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