Linkedin Lead Generation Services

When LinkedIn Lead PC provides LinkedIn lead generation services, we focus primarily on finding profitable partnerships for our clients. LinkedIn Lead PC understands the power of partnerships with respected leaders and decision-makers in companies that have similar audiences as yours but not competing products. The reason why we don't pursue partnerships with companies that have competitive products/services is that it's never advisable to work with your competitors. Makes sense, right?

Companies with Similar Audiences

The first step of LinkedIn business development, after covering all of the basics, is to find companies with similar audiences to yours. For example, if you have payroll software and another company on LinkedIn has invoicing software, then you have almost the same audience. In other words, you have complimentary products/services. Both of you can reference each other and provide new relevant leads for each other in a mutually gratifying relationship.

Companies with Similar Products/Services

From here, we will find companies on LinkedIn that have similar products/services to what you have, and then reach out to and connect with them. During the reaching out part of the lead generation process, we're bound to get a lot of "Nos." That's to be expected with any marketing efforts, either online or otherwise. Because we are so persistent and thorough, and because we customize our invites so well, and because of several other reasons, we also receive a lot of "Yeses."

Prospecting with Companies the Right Way

When we're prospecting for new leads for you, we are highly targeted with our efforts. Part of getting to know our clients, their businesses, and their industries is done with the aim to understand their audience. Using LinkedIn's advanced search features, we can segment your industry and find the decision-makers who can buy your products. From there, we build relationships with them instead of just reaching out to them with the intent to sell them products right out of the gate.

We Take the Time to Build Relationships with Prospects 

If we try to sell your products/services upfront with the companies we connect with, we're likely to get a lot more "No's" than if we build relationships with them on your behalf. Zig Ziglar said, "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want." You will discover that your prospects are much more likely to purchase your products if you help them first. It's all about treating people the way you want to be treated. Just like you don't like being spammed and harassed by pushy marketers, neither do your prospects.

Choose the Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

Along with our world-class LinkedIn lead generation services, LinkedIn Lead PC provides client education so that you can stay in the loop, have a hand in your own LinkedIn lead generation success, and manage your own LinkedIn account better now and in the future. Transparency and open communication are two of the most important foundations in any type of relationship, business or personal.

Linkedin Lead Generation Services
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Linkedin Lead Generation Services