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LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a robust LinkedIn lead generation tool that can take your LinkedIn lead generation success to the next level. In fact, it's such a powerful tool, we, at LinkedIn Lead PC, highly recommend that you own it. For more on what the LinkedIn lead generation tool, keep reading. But for now, let's consider why this wonderful tool is a necessity.

Difficulty Generating New Leads

Are you looking to get more leads for your business? At LinkedIn Lead PC, we talk to business owners all the time who complain that their number one problem is not getting enough leads. Most of their business comes from word of mouth or customer referrals. Of course, we all know that those can be sporadic and not something a business owner can rely on to generate consistent leads. Wouldn't it be nice to have a LinkedIn lead generation tool that can automate the lead generation process for you? Well, you can - the LinkedIn Sales Navigator!

Sales Navigator Helps You Adapt to the Times

There is a massive shift that is underway in the business world led by social media. The old way of doing business is out. There is a new and better way of doing business using digital media. Businesses that are not willing to adapt their business growth techniques to the current digital landscape are going to continue to see their revenue decline. Digital media is mandatory if you want to grow your business today.

There is a lot going on in the social media world, but not of them come close to the lead generating power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is hands-down the number social network platform for client facing companies to get new business. LinkedIn is huge if you want to get B2B links, and Sales Navigator is a must-have! Here are some compelling stats about the growth of LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn has passed Facebook as the most important social platform for B2B marketers (Social Media Marketing Industry Report)
  • Responsible for 80% of leads generated for B2B marketers today (Kissmetrics)
  • 92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other social platforms (Kissmetrics)
  • LinkedIn messages get an 11x better response rate than other networking platforms(Replicon)
  • 46% of visits to corporate websites from social come from LinkedIn (Replicon)

This means that you have no choice but to leverage LinkedIn with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as a lead generation tool for your business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the premium version of LinkedIn. For a monthly flat rate, you can unleash the power of this LinkedIn lead generation tool. Say goodbye once and for all to Excel Spreadsheets, and get ready for fast and extensive lead data extraction. Whether you want to manage your own LinkedIn lead generation campaign or partner with a professional like LinkedIn Lead PC for optimal results, it is advisable that you utilize Sales Navigator. To not would be to leave sums of money on the table.

Linkedin Lead Generation Tool
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Linkedin Lead Generation Tool