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Client satisfaction is our main goal. Keeping every business type in mind we have divided our services into various packages.

Basic Packages
Under basic packages we provide you with these services:-
1. A fully optimized LinkedIn Lead Builder Profile which
will act as your online Salesperson. Its’ features are:

  • Regular Profile Health checks, Review and updated
    with relevant business topics.
  • Basic photos and banner work that well defines
  • Headline contents (A brief introduction of who you are, what services you provide, where your business is located, and how you work.)
  • Engaging summary with clear call to action so that interested individuals will get to you instantly.
  • Relevant topics and content that best provides the overview and detail of your business.
  • Anything else that will make you stand out as the best in your industry.

2. Consulting Service
We consult with you for information we may need from you to fulfill your needs by understanding them. This will create a strong bond with our clients as well as its important to gather information about your business, your portfolio, your target audience, your services, your target area, etc. This is important to also set the criteria for target list and generate request and query messages. This will help in building your profile, message and develop LinkedIn B2B lead generation. In addition it will also help to position your business strategies to reach the optimum goal.

3. Build the messages for every scenario from the professionals and experts that will help you communicate in any situation. This messages includes:

  • Connection and request to join the network
  • Appreciation and thankful messages after your
    messages gets a response.
  • Follow up and query messages for the interested

4. Provide LinkedInLeadPC account.
This account set up can take up to fifteen hours. This includes loading your target audience, target messages, and testing suggested searches.

5. Update your “do not message” list daily to get rid of spam, and get rid of people who don’t want to get connected with you. It is crucial to filter the messages so that right persons don’t get missed out.So we perform the operation on a regular basis.

6. Build your lead sheet and update it regularly with our lead extractor and provide you access to it which helps you make a deal. This tool is of great help which
helps you analyze how you are doing in the business environment.

7. Clean your LinkedIn inbox on daily basis.

Here are some of the additional services we provide for additional charges:

  • Video with script that provides the company details.
  • More connection requests and follow up messages
  • Assisting to set up a calendar to help you manage appointments.
  • Messages to your profile viewers
  • In Mail messages with lower rates and higher outputs
  • Gathering data and all the emails, phone numbers, Twitter handles of the people you want to get directly connected with.
  • Daily posting in LinkedIn and Facebook on your behalf.
  • Deluxe profile banners.
  • Targeted ads.